Marshalling Duties

Marshalling Duties and Locations

As follows and download, print and take the Marshalling duties pdf with you!

  • Put out warning signs
  • Direct cyclists where to turn
  • Highlight to cyclists when a car is coming
  • Marshalls cannot stop traffic
  • Cyclists must obey traffic rules
  • Recover warning signs after the race

Marshalls locations and responsibilities at these locations are:

  1. Entry from TAS carpark to Chapel St. Direct cyclists to turn right onto Chapel St
  2. Intersection of Chapel & Mann St. Direct cyclists across the intersection
  3. Intersection of Chapel & Kentucky St. Direct cyclists to turn left onto Kentucky St
  4. Intersection of Kentucky St & Long Swamp Rd. Direct cyclists to turn right onto Long Swamp Rd. Cyclists must keep left in making the turn
  5. Junior Course turn around 20m before the tip turn off. Make sure Junior riders turn around the cone. Get them to stop if there is a car coming
  6. Short Course turn around at the 5km mark. Make sure Short course riders turn
  7. Long Course Turn around at the 10km mark Make sure Long course riders turn. Communicate if there is an accident on the way back